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TutorBug is a portal for remedial education solutions including online tutoring delivered by our international professional tutor network using our state-of-the-art teaching whiteboard. Students or their parents can register free of charge and then browse the Tutor Board to select a tutor. Whiteboard Training

Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn or any other social networking site that I'm aware of Tutorbug pays its members a portion of all tutoring fees generated by customers in their network of friends through six degrees of separation. With Tutorbug's Instant Homework Help service fees are generated for every minute of tutoring.

Tutors Can Work From Home

Anyone can register on Tutorbug for a free membership. Once registered members can invite students and teachers to join their personal or professional network.

It works this way: A member's friends will come to TutorBug and invite their friends. As the network grows, members will have more opportunities to interact easily with people they know, make new friends, and use TutorBug's worldwide network of professional tutors for Instant Homework Help, to learn a new language or to get one-to-one help with difficult subjects.

What can members do on TutorBug?

TutorBug makes it easier for people to communicate with the people they know, as well as friends of friends that they have not met before.Our members can both learn new subjects as well as earn extra money by teaching and tutoring.

As a free member you can refer students who join Tutorbug to receive a share of all tutoring fees paid by your direct referrals plus their referrals through six levels.Your Tutorbug NetworkYour Tutorbug NetworkYour Tutorbug Network


Do You Want To Make Extra Money Tutoring?

If your educational background qualifies you to tutor students in a particular subject you may lease our teaching whiteboard for $39.95/month. For this fee you receive 40 hours in credits that can be exchanged for use of the whiteboard system every month. Credits expire if not used by the end of the month.

As an approved, registered Tutorbug Tutor you can earn up to $59/hour by participating in our Instant Homework Help network. You may also create individual lessons and even complete courses and charge students a tuition fee that you set in your back office.


Tutorbug offers you the opportunity to run your own online tutoring business providing pay-per-minute homework help,


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